Birch Tree at River’s Edge

Birch Trees at Rivers Edge

Birch Tree at Rivers Edge

Birch Tree at the River's Edge

Birch Tree at River”s Edge is a watercolor now framed in the coolest vintage molding that my frame guy had. I love it.  Its hard to get a picture of the painting once it is framed behind glass .  Reflections can get beastly,  but I managed to not get any in this view.  Yeah!!

framed      watercolor     $180

Rest of the Day

Rest of the Day

Rest of the Day was the featured painting chosen for the month of January in the 2012 Artists of the Seacoast Calendar sponsored by Families First Seacoast Healthcare.

The original painting of  Rest of the Day is not for sale, but Giclee prints are available. Price depends on size and surface (paper or canvas).

Rest of the Day (and Sidelined) are also available as  5×7 blank note cards.

$4.00 each plus shipping