Backyard Rhodi


I wanted to paint one Sunday afternoon so I set up in my backyard.  I always loved these big rocks in the planting area.   The Rhododendrons were in full bloom.  I framed it in a nice little gold leaf frame.

Oil on  6″x8″ canvas board          framed          $120

Pompham Surfers

DSC02985Two surfers walked by me when I was at Pompham beach with good friends.  I loved the way they were swaggering by.  The guy out front had this cool floppy sun hat.  Luckily I had my camera and had it ready to snap them when they got up in front of me.

Oil on  6″x8″canvas panel    Framed in a wide black frame.     $120



This is a painting I always wanted to do after laying eyes on the storefront on Market Street in Portsmouth, NH. Eye candy. Beautiful Le Creuset enameled cast ironware in the window.  I LOVE IT.  This painting has a full grisaille under painting. Crazy detail. (Shown unframed)

SOLD (original), prints and greeting cards available

9″x12″ canvas  oil on canvas